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Welcome! And thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you find something here that interests you.

At SavingGraceYoga we offer friendly and supportive yoga classes in and around Hemel Hempstead. 


Contrary to popular belief absolutely everyone and anyone can do yoga, there's nothing to stop you. Yoga can be varied and adapted to suit every person regardless of gender, size, age or physical limitations. Yoga is all inclusive, it's for every single human body.


Yoga practice is 'your yoga', specific to you and your body, what someone else's body may be capable of is of no consequence, it's about honouring and respecting YOUR body ... it's about YOU.


The yoga we practice at SavingGraceYoga is Hatha yoga fused withVinyasa flow, Zen yoga, a touch of Tai Chi and Yin yoga along with some wonderful movement meditations. Our friendly and supportive classes include Pranayama, guided meditation practice and plenty of relaxation.


Hatha Fusion & Beginner & Light classes consist of approximately 40 minutes yoga asana, 10 minutes of meditation/breathwork ,10 minutes of relaxation.

Classes are £45 for a pre paid 6 week block.

Onsite parking.

Apologies but we no longer offer drop ins to our classes.

Due to H&S /Covid yoga mats & blocks are no longer provided.  

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All classes are suitable for everyone


My enthusiasm and passion for yoga and meditation could be infectious or annoying dependant on your point of view.

Yoga makes me feel better it really is that simple, it

calms and focuses the mind, strengthens and energises the body - it helps.

It's not a panacea for all, but it is for a lot, for me

anyway and I'm sure for anyone that maintains a regular practice.

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1 x Yin Yoga Class

Tuesday PM.   *This class has not returned to venue yet.

This class is suitable for everyone.

Classes take place at the

Boxmoor Trust Centre.

1  x 'Pause' Yoga class

1 x Hatha Fusion Yoga Class

Wednesday PM 

These classes are suitable for beginner and intermediate students and take place at the Boxmoor Trust Centre.

1 x Hatha Fusion Light Yoga Class

1 x Hatha Fusion Yoga Class

Thursday PM

These classes are suitable for beginner and intermediate students and take place at the Boxmoor Trust Centre.